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In this Nautica Thorn movie, Nautica and her boyfriend are going over some homework. It isn't long before their studies are forgotten and Nautica peels off her clinging green top and bares her pert breasts. When she pulls off her panties Nautica Thorn reveals her bare pussy, which soon has her boyfriend rising to an impressive erection. Nautica locks her lips around the shaft and sucks his cock eagerly. This Nautica Thorn movie continues as she sits on her boyfriends cocks, guiding the length into her shaved pussy, sinking deep inside her. Nautica rises and falls on the hard shaft, throwing her head back as their shared passion overcomes them both. He grips Nautica's hips as he encourages her increase in tempo of her downward plunges. More Nautica Thorn sex as she takes it from behind, her boyfriend driving his cock into her tight pussy, enjoying the sensation of being deep inside Nautica. Filling her to his balls with each pulsating thrust. Then with Nautica on her back, legs spread wide, he plunders her hot little pussy, ever harder and deeper with each impacting thrust. Nautica throws her arms back, her chest soaring upward to her breasts swelling peaks, her boyfriends frenzied thrusts rising to a crescendo until he withdraws, a shattering climax erupting from his balls as his cum shoots over Nautica breasts, thick cum spilling over them, Nautica looking on with satisfaction at his tribute. As this movie ends Nautica reclines exhausted, but with her satisfaction clear.

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