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Page last updated on Wednesday, 7 January, 2009 2:27am PST
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An open fireplace. No flame flickers inside. Before it stands Nautica Thorn in a PVC outfit. The tight red top clings to her petite form. Black PVC shorts outline the curve of her waist and her pert ass. Nautica runs a hand over the clean, shiny material, enjoying the sensations of it's cool feel under her fingers. Turning to face the fireplace the neat pertness of her sweet ass is accentuated in the shorts. Nautica pulls her red top over her breasts and then hooks fingers into her shorts and turns back to the fireplace to give a superior view as the shorts are pulled from her pert ass. This Nautica Thorn gallery heats up. The shorts discarded Nautica bares her shaved pussy. Bending over in her heels Nautica reaches between her thighs to spread her pussy. A finger slips inside her increasing wetness. Squatting down before the fireplace Nautica opens her legs, fingers spreading her pussy. One finger slips back inside as Nautica can't resist her now aching pussy. Dropping to her knees Nautica implores entry from behind, desire for a hot cock inside her hot, tight pussy overcoming her in this Nautica Thorn gallery. Thoughts of a hard penetration filling her thoughts as she enjoys the feeling of a slim finger inside her tightness. Nautica spreads her thighs wide, still plunging a finger inside herself, an excited smile as she explores her wetness, eager for more as she lies amidst the discard PVC outfit that inspired her desires.

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