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A cream coloured bed cover. Nautica Thorn nude sits on the bed, transparent lingerie framing her breasts. An enigmatic smile as Nautica swings her thighs wide, her neatly trimmed pussy bared, unguarded and vulnerable. Her heels dig into the folds of the bed as she moves across it. Then brushing her long hair from her face Nautica moves to kneel on the bed, pulling at her lingerie to momentarily cover her pussy, but it springs free in moments and Nautica closes her eyes tight as her hands pull the sheer material over her waist to her breasts, baring the pert orbs, and up over her shoulders until she casts it aside. Watching it fall to the floor beside the bed Nautica Thorn looks up and meets our gaze again. Her hands play nervously at her hair as a smile plays upon her lips. The contrast is intriguing as she reclines slowly to the bed. Heels planted firmly into the bed sheets Nautica swings her creamy soft thighs wide, a hand reaching for a large silver vibrator. Twisting its base Nautica gives a start as it buzzes into life in her hands. Her gaze meets ours as her long hair plays out across a pillow, and the vibrator traces a long and slow path along her thighs, guiding agonisingly slowly towards her waiting pussy, exposed, ripe and inviting, and as Nautica Thorn nude lies there, legs spread wide, pussy glistening wet, we wait for the moment she drives it deep inside her.

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